Tom Scott – Man With A Mission Wrapped Up In Humour


These are just a few of the ‘warnings’ that are both hilarious and incisive and which you will find on Tom Scott’s site. There is a pdf template for you to print out your own (there are UK and US versions, and versions for other nationalities and languages).

Here’s an example referenced from his article:


  1. What about “WARNING The person who wrote this article really didn’t have a clue so he made it all up.” That would be the perfect tag for our local newpaper, which contains the worst gutter journalism I have ever seen. And they even do stories which they know to be totally inaccurate before they are printed. It gives journalists a bad name. I love these…they are so true.


        1. And what I want to do is to put a ‘flash’ on the screen when the BBC News reports something that sounds suspiciously as though someone of influence has had a word in their ear. I would like the screen to flash ‘From our great leader – the news from Pyongyang’


  2. Ah, and now I see who that is. He’s having a bit more than the usual 15 minutes of fame with his tumblr site on “Actual Facebook Graph Searches”. Hilarious!


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