I Don’t Want A Daily Post Prompt; Just The Photo Challenge Prompt


Any thoughts? I didn’t get a reply and I wonder whether I have something set up the wrong way and it is possible to get just the photo challenge emails?


    1. I have emails from all over the place coming in thick and fast; you probably do too. Because they are from WP, it takes a moment or two to read them to discover that they are not what I want to read – and by then I am already incensed to read that I am being prompted to write about my best experience watching paint dry. πŸ˜‰


        1. I use Google Reader and wrote about it here on this site, recently. I don’t look at it very often, though. So much to read – not enough time.

          How do you keep on top of things?

          Someone I know who is very good at promoting her site – it’s a business for her – has a whole raft of measurement tools open on her laptop all day long. She hunts for topics, trends, keywords, etc., and could probably manoeuvre the Starship Enterprise out of trouble while doing it.


        2. Oh heavens, I’m not nearly that focused. I feel happy when I manage to pull something good out of my hat. Putting the time/space continuum in my hands would be a very dangerous move.


  1. Your idea submitted too The Daily Post sounds like it has merit to me. I see you have an RSS solution thanks to Jennifer above, but did you get a response from Staff yet?


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