Fantasy Planet

As soon as I saw these mushrooms in the supermarket, I thought they’d make great photographic subjects. I’m sure not everyone goes around the shops with photography in mind, but I loved the colours and symmetry – and photography is an excellent excuse to get in close and ‘see’ the subject.

It’s funny in an odd kind of way, the way that I (and probably lots of us) need a method, a way, of slowing down in order to see things.

I know we can’t go around permanently with a dreamy look on our faces, closely examining the veins on a leaf or the colours in a soap bubble. If we did, it would take us a week to do the washing up.

Still, it’s nice to slow down sometimes.

Nibble, Then Photograph

Normally, I get in first and photograph – and then we eat. But there were so many little unobtrusive bits in the mushrooms that we both got in and nibbled a bit when we got home.

We decided that the mushrooms looked prettier than they tasted.

But they are beautiful, don’t you think, with their neat little hats and clever jigsaw puzzle arrangement, and their delicate hues.

Here’s the collection as they were when we took them out of the soft fibre pot in which they came.

They remind me of a fantasy planet and a city – spinning in space.

7 thoughts on “Fantasy Planet

  1. The mushroom photos are so beautiful!!!

    It happens quite often to me, that I see stuff in the supermarket that I want to photograph. Sometimes I do, but lately it has been mostly iPhone pictures.


    1. I keep thinking I must get one of those light tents to even up the lighting. I usually put the ‘subject’ on the kitchen counter and prop my elbows against a cupboard while shading the light from the window 😉


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