For A Winter’s Day

Something To Brighten Up A Winter’s Day

It’s miserable today, with a fine drizzle and heavy cloud. Couple that with the short days as we approach the winter solstice here at 56° north – and it’s a recipe for emotional gloom.

Pansies and Violas

So with that in mind, here are some pansies that I photographed here in Edinburgh a couple of days ago when it was sunny.

Perhaps you knew that pansies are ‘made’ by hybridising various viola species.

Is ‘made’ the right word? I guess it is, because without human intervention it’s likely pansies would not have been come into being spontaneously because someone had to bring the various viola species together.

The strange thing is that pansies have four petals pointing upwards, and only one pointing down, whereas violas have three petals pointing up and two pointing down.

So you can see that the flowers in this photo are pansies.

5 thoughts on “For A Winter’s Day

    • I hadn’t thought about the frost. I wonder whether the owners put straw or sacking on the flowers – that’s what we used to do.

      Writing that has brought back a memory of when I was in Japan and the trees and bushes would be bound with straw to protect them from the cold. What struck me was how skilfully the gardeners wrapped them up – each one an example of perfect craftsmanship.


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