Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Do you arrange knick-knacks and ornaments equally around a point, or do you set things off to one side?

The first seems to me to be classical symmetry and the second to echo the Oriental skewing of objects.

Here are two approaches to geometry – a sandy boulevard in Paris and the facade of the Imperial War Museum in Manchester.

One approach chooses symmetry; the other chooses the drama of an asymmetric approach.

Perhaps you like both, and believe that each has its place?


  1. Awesome the second photo ^_^


  2. beadstork says:

    I am definitely into symmetry. My Mom? Assymetry. Guess some things don’t run in the family.


  3. timethief says:

    Hi David,
    Truth be told I’m a placement freak but that being said I’m not much into knick knacks. I like rooms that are not stuffed full of things ie. rooms with lots of empty space and a couple of large plants. My husband is the whatnots and curiosities collector and I’m the minimalist who tolerates clutter and symmetry poorly. He teases me saying that if he were not in my life I’d be living in a Scandinavian style environment with an Oriental influence. Well, he’s right.

    P.S. Despite the fact I’m close to nature, the second image appeals more to me than the first.


  4. Maria says:

    Brilliant! One of the best reads and food-for-thought. Geometry is in so much more than just architecture.


  5. annetjiesepoems says:

    Perhaps it’s because I’ve been in Asia for so long, but I quite like “the drama of an asymmetric approach”. These are awesome!


    1. Yes, me too. I read all kinds of things into symmetry – such as suburbia and unfathomable conforming fads and fashions

      But it’s just a way of looking at things – I am sure I am wrong and that there are lots of good things to say about symmetry.


  6. Rebekah says:

    I like both of them, in different ways..


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