The Moon – Nikon D5100 And 35mm Lens

Well it was never going to be a close up shot, that’s for sure. But I had to have a go when the moon was supposed to be at its largest apparent size last month on May 6th in Berkeley, California.

The EXIF data tells me that I shot it at ISO 100, f2.5 and 1/800th of a second with no exposure compensation.

So here is the full frame and a crop. In the crop you can see the bushes that obstructed my view and something that was flying by – a bird or a bat, perhaps.

I think the amount of information that is recorded here of the features of the surface of the moon is amazing.

What do you think?


  1. reb says:

    that IS amazing! I just love it with those little bushes and the bird… So far, I’ve never managed to ‘get a hold of’ the moon with any type of foreground. Last one, it was overcast so … no dice.


    1. 🙂

      They are phenomenally good.


      1. reb says:

        I’m thinking a little bit about taking the money I didn’t buy that camera for, and add them to a macro lens, but I’m not sure what to get really.


        1. Here’s a link to just about all the Nikon lens lineup. I am by no expert in macro photography, but I think the received wisdom is that for close-up work, manual focus is better than autofocus, and for things that might move or fly away, a longer focal length that allows you to keep further back, is better.

          The 55mm f2.8 AIS manual focus lens has a good reputation.

          You might want to take a look at Bjørn Rørslett’s lens reviews.


        2. reb says:

          Hey, thanks for these links and words. There’s a lot to think about — money, if nothing else 🙂 — and this time I’ll take my time before I make a decision *grin*. I’m not going to spend a fortune on this … it will basically be for little flowers, snowflakes, frost and stuff like that..


        3. Nikon do not make cheap macro lenses – unfortunately 😦

          I have been thinking of getting a small camera for macro work. Even small sensor cameras can make good shots as long as you are not trying to shoot things that move, jump, fly away.


  2. Seba Silver says:

    Love this. Been dreaming of a camera that will capture the moon.


    1. That brought a smile to my face 🙂


  3. That is totally amazing David!


    1. Yes, amazing. 🙂


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