Extracting Your Photos From Instagram

When I read that Facebook was buying Instagram, I decided I wanted to make a copy of all the images I had posted on Instagram before it was too late to do so.

I read an article about how to do it. Unfortunately, I don’t recall where I read the article, or I would tell you.

I might have read this article on Lifehacker or Gizomodo or Cult of Mac or Mashable, or…

In other words, there were lots of articles on the subject.

Wherever it was that I read it, the recommendation was to use Instaport – except that there were zillions of people trying to do the same thing at the same time and Instaport fell over for a while.

When it was back up, it still kept stuttering under the enormous load and I couldn’t complete my backup.

Then I noticed a message on Instaport that recommended a couple of alternatives, and one of them was the Instabackup app by David Smith.

It is Mac-only and it involved downloading the app – as opposed to Instaport, which is web-based.

I decided to go for it, and it took practically no time to download the app and then download the images from Instagram.

In fact the speed with which the images downloaded took me by surprise – less time than it is taking me to type this sentence.

Attitudes To Facebook

The thing is, if you google for something like ‘save your instagram photos’, you will discover one thing that you probably know already.

That is that there is a huge antipathy to Facebook. For example, the title of the Gizmodo article that I mentioned above is

How to Export Your Instagram Photos Before Facebook Ruins Everything

It seems that when people have the opportunity to voice their antipathy to Facebook – such as when it buys a hugely popular image-sharing site like Instagram – they grab the opportunity with both hands.

And if you google ‘alternatives to instagram’, you will find lots of articles about that – all on the theme of the threat to Instagram now that Facebook has got its mitts on it.

Why is that? There are nearly a billion Facebook users. They can’t all hate it, can they?

A Selection Of Photos From Instagram

Here is a selection of my Instagram images in a gallery that you can cycle through by clicking on any of them.

Not Instagram?

And here is a link to Seven Instagram Alternatives For iPhone.

4 thoughts on “Extracting Your Photos From Instagram

  1. Well, here’s something I don’t have to worry about or deal with. With the BlackBerry you can’t do much stuff like this.

    With regards to Facebook — everybody ‘and his dog’ is on it [me included]. Do we all hate it that much?! Nobody seems to be quitting FB …well, not many in any case.

    I also want to say that I find your Instagram photos very pretty, and that’s not the case with any of the others I’ve seen around the web. I don’t know what they DO to them, as yours are nice?!


    1. Thank you for the compliment 🙂

      I don’t take Instagram ‘too’ seriously – but it is nice to be able to shoot something and get it up on the web quickly without a lot of fuss. On the other hand, I don’t want to put just rubbish up there, so I do think a bit before I click 😉


      1. I also think the other ones apply something to them — since I can’t use Instagram, I wouldn’t know — filters, maybe?! They all tend to look the same; dark, grainy..


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