Some Interesting Photographers

Each new version of Photoshop manages to make us able to squeeze a bit more information out of shadows and highlights.

There is a short discussion about this in an article from Neil Turner – a freelance photographer who used to shoot for the Times Supplements – under the title Reworking Old Files.

I also came across two photographers whose work I like. One is Mike McFarlane, who has a nicely built website and some lovely landscape photographs. He is currently in Russia, so his landscape photography is taking a back seat.

And then there is the blog of photographer Zack Arias which is huge fun to read.

Red Poppies

Meanwhile, you can dream about summer with this shot of poppies:

Red poppies

8 replies on “Some Interesting Photographers”

Poppies make me think of freedom.

And they remind me of the struggle of nature to overcome weedkillers 🙂

They also remind me of Poppy Day in England that celebrates the end of the First World War and the way that the red poppies came out in their millions on the fields of France and Belgium where the battles had taken place.

Serious stuff, but that is what I think of 🙂


I hope poppies will conquer weedkillers forever. Poppies are indeed freedom and Poppy Day is a beautiful celebration I think.
Poppies so much reminds me of my father. When he died we put poppies on top of his casket. It was so beautiful. I want poppies on my basket too.


Love poppies …and I miss the poppies! That is a brilliant shot, just the way I like to see them.

Only on Nov. 11 they come out … on Remembrance Day as it’s called here in Canada.


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