Project 365 Day 95 – How I Made ‘Eyes Down’

Eyes Down


Let’s start with the eyelashes. I bought a pair of false eyelashes from the make-up counter of a local department store. Once I got home I discovered that handling them requires considerable dexterity.

They wiggle and go limp and flick over like demented caterpillars.

Sticking them on a sheet of paper gave me a new understanding of what is actually going on when women put false eyelashes on in the back of taxi or bent over a sink in a powder room.


For the next stage I photographed the sheet of paper with the eyelashes and imported the photo into Photoshop.

I made the nose with the brush tool. I didn’t think too hard about it. I just pictured someone I knew who had a tiny nose and copied the nostrils from the image in my mind’s eye.

That just left the lips. For these I copied a photograph of a face onto a layer beneath the eyelash layer and cut through it with a layer mask.

I pumped up the colour of the lips with the Saturation tool and that was it – Eyes Down.

5 thoughts on “Project 365 Day 95 – How I Made ‘Eyes Down’

  1. Wow! I can only imagine, about the false eye lashes! Never tried, but I liked your analogy about the demented caterpillar 🙂


        1. Me too. I tried contact lenses for one day. I couldn’t get them into my eyes however hard I tried. They kept sliding away from where they are supposed to cling and my reflexes made me jerk away as soon as I felt the lens touch my eye. Ugh.


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