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Project 365 And Postaday

Over on Automattic’s DailyPost blog there is an article today about the 2012 Postaday badges that are available.

I put the badge in a widget that you can see over on the right sidebar here, and linked it back to the Daily Post. And when I publish this post, I shall tag it with ‘postaday’.

Here is an extract from The Daily Post:

As for tagging your posts, weโ€™re going to keep it simple this year, so please start using the postaday tag in replacement of postaday2011 or postaweek2011.

To see all the latest posts published by other participants, add postaday as a topic in your reader using the โ€œAdd a topicโ€ box in the bottom left corner.

What does the second paragraph mean? It means I should go to The Reader Page and I will see the ‘Add a topic’ box – and I can take it from there.

I am hesitating in case I get deluged. Ah well, let’s get wet!



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  1. I have not entertained the idea of posting every day for longer than a couple of minutes. My life is so busy that I struggle to make the time to blog twice weekly. Best wishes to you.


    • Very wise. It’s going OK at the moment. We shall see how it feels in a while.

      How long it is before a ‘while’ arrives, we shall also see… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      It’s no so much the doing the posts that is the hard thing (not that it is hard at all at the moment) as it is the question of what is the driving force for doing the posts – like the scout who wants the badges rather than the skills that earn him the badges. I have to watch out for that…

      (Note to self: Stock up lots of cute cats photos for when the going gets difficult).

      All the best, TT


  2. I did the Post-a-Day last year — I actually completed it, and it felt very rewarding afterwards. It’s kind of fun to have a whole year neatly stashed away like that.

    I’ve tried picture a day too, but caved at 173 or so.. too much pressure there, I guess — I lost the joy of taking pictures, but that’s back again, and I have lots of cat- and duck photos in store *grin*


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