Project 365 Day 29 Crossing A Chasm

I recall that this was a joint effort from me and my wife and partner Tamara.

I also recall when we put it together, and I like that memory.

It’s a while since we made it and if we were to do it again, I would vote for using a different typeface (maybe), but the idea remains the same.

I hope you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Project 365 Day 29 Crossing A Chasm

  1. I really like this. I find that quotes are a bit overused these days to the point where I often read past them without really thinking about the meaning.

    I appreciate the typography in this pic because, for me, it pulls the meaning back into focus and emphasises it well. Nice work 🙂


    • Glad you like it.
      I remember having a go at rock climbing and I lifted first one leg and then the other up near knee height and tried to pull myself up. No success…

      Then the instructor took two or three tiny steps up, left foot, right foot, left foot – so easy.

      So, about the quote – I guess the first question is to know when a big step is indicated. I am not so sure I am any good at that. 🙂


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