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Project 365 Day 12 – Thinking Undecided

man brown fez in market with hand to mouth standing uncertain and undecided

Thinking - Deciding

I like seeing young children when they seem oblivious to their surroundings.

I like seeing them in a line on their first days at school with their eyes everywhere and their bodies forgotten and uncoordinated.

They look like puppets left to plop their feet down wherever, with their hands vaguely reaching for an adult’s hand, a friend’s hand, a railing, or just tracing a line in the air.

Old people have squared the circle and the world has crowded in and built a fence around them.

They are limited by failing bodies and poor eyesight.

But their age has given them freedom, freedom to be and freedom to look uncertain and undecided in a crowded market.

man standing with fingers to mouth, looking uncertain or undecided

Thinking and Undecided


  1. Teresa Silverthorn

    Their age has also given them choices…

    Excellent post, David. One of your best.


  2. Jackie Paulson

    It’s amazing how actions speak and that the photo speaks as you said…. thinking and undecided…hum…nice work David


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