Project 365: Stream Of Consciousness

It feels like I have a lot to do at the moment. There are a lot of unresolved practical things, some of which I asked for and some which came without me asking.

I decided to write some text and make it one of the project-365 items. I didn’t know what I was going to write, only that it would be short so that I could see the letters at a large size.

I wrote ‘fly’ and then the second word gathered steam and wrote itself into my fingers.

7 thoughts on “Project 365: Stream Of Consciousness

    1. Very perceptive of you. It is not that I am not happy here, it is that suddenly I have a lot of tasks and a lot of decisions to make. It’s time to cut out some of the options so that I can make space inside my head to deal with the rest.

      Thank you. 🙂


    1. Yes, I like it a lot. It’s Joehand II – available as a font and as a web font.

      I was a fan of Olicana, but some of its letters are very tall above the line and some letters are very deep below the line, so it is difficult to work with when writing more than one single line of text.


  1. Love it, free writing…it’s so fun even if you have nothing to post or say or a photo..but you ended up saying a lot in few words with one photo…
    I bet you can multi task too!


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