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Jeremy Clarkson, Strikes, & Paddington Bear: Connecting the Dots

Paddington Bear: Insights into Jeremy Clarkson’s experience as a young boy & his ‘shoot them’ comments about striking workers.

Jeremy Clarkson, Strikes, & Paddington Bear: Connecting the Dots – The Quillcards Blog.


  1. Teresa Silverthorn

    Do Brits perceive Clarkson’s comments differently than our country would – if it were said here?

    Do you “assume” he’s just venting/kidding?


    • My wife Tamara wrote the article, but I think she may be on to something as to what is behind Clarkson’s comments.

      As to what you said about different countries and their attitudes – there was a complete split in this country between those who thought he was obviously joking, those who thought he was joking but that the joke was in such poor taste that it should not have been made, and those who thought there was a bully-boy behind the ‘joke’.

      My experience is that in some cultures people do not rib each other, poke fun at each other, ridicule each other, make barbed comments, or say anything hidden beyond the plain meaning of the words.

      England is not like that. England is the country where people slide the point of their stiletto comments between each other’s ribs with such dexterity that the pain sometimes takes minutes to rise to consciousness.

      My experience of the USA is that people meet you straight on, and there is not the same status consciousness that there is here. Actually, that was not true in New Orleans when I visited – there there seemed to be some tension – but perhaps I was more conscious of the history.

      It’s a complicated and fascinating subject. I love the line that someone said – that one cannot give offence without it first having been taken.

      I think Clarkson was wrong to say what he did, even as a joke, because the strike is happening at a time when people are talking worldwide about changing regimes. The Occupy movement would bring about change in the structure of society if it could.

      Those with power now do not want to see a change, so we are in some senses in revolutionary times.

      And in many instances historically, revolutionaries have been put up against a wall and shot.

      So there is a real issue behind the joke.

      The Romanovs in Russia must have felt secure until the day came.


      • Teresa Silverthorn

        I understand your point of view completely. For me, because I tire of having to try to figure out people’s agendas when they speak, I simply take what they say “as truth.”

        If that person was “kidding” – too bad. Perhaps they need to re-evaluate their sense of humor.

        There is also the concept of “Freudian slip” to consider.

        Personally, I think people should be careful of what they say, and not assume that the rest of us have the time, or creativity to analyze their statement for them.

        Say what you mean – mean what you say.

        Therefore, Clarkson’s statement was clear as to his personal viewpoint.


  2. Teresa Silverthorn

    “I love the line that someone said – that one cannot give offence without it first having been taken.”

    I wish, with all my heart, that this was true – David.

    In my experience, people don’t necessarily need to be offended first – in order to make offensive statements.


    • Yes, of course, you are right. There are some horrible people out there. Some not even people – just look like human beings.


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