Give Bees a Chance

I made a paper with With it I have pulled together articles on a subject that is serious and interesting, namely colony collapse disorder in honeybees, otherwise known as CCD.

The way works is that it suggests articles to be included in one’s paper. It I like the articles, I click to include them: If I think they are not relevant, I click to discard them. continually recommends new articles.

That has turned out to be one of the most valuable aspects of, partly for the obvious reason that I can incorporate the articles in the paper, but also because I can go to the articles and comment – and correct some of the ideas that are floating around out there.

The biggest error that I see is that it is a combination of a mite and a virus that has led to colony collapse disorder. That finding has been debunked. It was debunked as a finding when it was discovered that the lead investigator in the team that ‘discovered’ it, was paid by Bayer, the pesticide manufacturer.

The cause of CCD is not known. There are some suspects – and Bayer’s products are among the suspects…

I should say that I have been gathering links to CCD using a a Google alert. However, the way works, I see a more feature-rich version of the article and am more tempted to go in and stem the tide of disinformation and misinformation because of that.

The paper I made with was originally fully featured and free and now it continues as a free service with some restrictions.

Here is a comparison of the free versus the paid services: Free Versus Paid Plans Free Versus Paid Plans

And here is what the page that I have set up looks like currently.

infographic Honeybees And Colony Collapse Disorder
Honeybees And Colony Collapse Disorder

Here are all the links to the articles on Colony Collapse Disorder that I have created as of the date of this article:

Give Bees a Chance.

Honeybee Systems Under Assault.

So Far So Good.

Struggling Honeybees.

Start Rooftop Beekeeping.

EPA Asked To Remove Pesticide Linked To CCD.

Bee Virus Attacking Hives?.

Leaked Documents Show EPA Allowed Toxic Bee Pesticides.

Nature’s Linchpin In Peril.

Scientists And Soldiers Attempt To Solve Bee Mystery.

What The Lead Scientist Didn’t Tell The New York Times About His Study On Bee Deaths.

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