WordPress Adds The Tackiest Ads

Here are two views of the end of a recent article about a holly tree that I wrote. The first view is what I see when I am logged in to my WordPress account. The second is what visitors see and what I see when I am not logged in to my account.

Look at the header of this blog. Look at the layout. This is a photography blog. It is image conscious.

So why, WordPress, have you added this tacky, childish-looking ad in my posts?

I know the terms of service say you can insert ads, and I have no quibble with that – it’s the name of the game – but why this tacky ad? Why not something with a little bit of verve and panache? How about something related to photography??

Not Logged In

Logged In



  1. I’m sure the response was pleasant, David. They are making money from your blog 🙂


    1. David says:

      Ah, they removed the ad.


  2. Yes, they are temporary – as they told me – when this happened to my blog.


    1. David says:

      Thanks for the clarification. In my half-innocence I thought that they had removed it in response to my feedback.


  3. To further rectify your half-innocence, someone wrote a blog a month ago or so, showing that WordPress is getting more lenient on porn.

    Wouldn’t that be lovely? A porn ad?


    1. David says:

      It couldn’t be much worse than Zumo, the tacky cartoon frog.


  4. I suppose not – if you don’t mind porn.


    1. David says:

      Thank you for this back and forth. It has helped clarify what I think, which is this:

      WP designs these lovely themes and encourages designers to make lovely themes and then – of all the slick, delightful advertisements there are in the world – WPress accept something as gaudy and tacky as Zumo and his coloured dancing balls.


  5. Exactly. At least you got a positive response. When I put this topic into the forums, I got some sarcastic input – and ended up dropping the subject.

    I chose WordPress for its class and sophistication.

    I was surprised, too.


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