Test comparing 18-55mm and 12-24mm lenses on the Nikon D40

I really should make a shot of the pear with a bite out of it, to signify the end of the test.

I opened the first image in Photoshop CS3, increased the exposure a little; sharpened to the 100 indicator with the sharpen slider in the Sharpen tool and then applied the same parameters to each of the other shots.

I shot one shot with the 18-55mm lens at fixed ISO200 and then a shot at ISOauto. I did the same with the 12-24mm lens.

The ISOauto setting accounts for why one shot is at ISO720 and one shot at ISO640. I don’t think the difference is significant.

All shots were taken with the focal length set to 24mm.

After I had opened the four shots, I set the rectangle tool to a fixed size of 475×475 pixels in each case. I then copied that section of the photograph into a ‘new’ image and saved-for-web.

Judge the sharpness of each for yourself.





Organizing new images with Bridge CS3

Bridge CS3 has a several features to help organize images. Usually if one wants to open an image, one would navigate to the folder that holds the image and click on it to open it. That displays the thumbnails of the images in the folder.

To process a RAW file in Camera Raw – or if it is a jpeg, tiff, or PSD – to process it in Photoshop – click on the thumbnail and go to file>open, or double click to open it straight away. So far so good, and that is the normal way to handle files for processing.

However, holding the Command key while clicking on thumbnails, highlights all the ones you click on. With multiple files highlighted, one can open them or one can move or copy them. It is this move facility that helps one to organize new images in Bridge.

In order to move files, go to file>move to>Choose folder, and click through the folder hierarchy to the folder you are looking for, click OK, and that will move the files.

New Images
Suppose one has downloaded new images from a shoot to a folder and one now wants to move or copy some of those files to another folder. One can create a new folder within the shoot folder and then open the files in Bridge. Or one can create new folders in Bridge (file>new folder). One can create new folders in Bridge but one cannot rename them, so a new folder simply remains untitled folder and if one creates a second folder it becomes untitled folder 2.

untitled folder

One of the advantanges of creating a new folder in Bridge within the set of open thumbnails is that one can create the folder on the fly and then move files into it, simply by dragging them to that folder. It is as simple as that.

And if one wants to copy the files rather than move them, hold the Option/Alt key while dragging.

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