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X Reasons To Consider A Business Plan on

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WordPress has come a long way since its early days of offering a simple way to get into blogging without having to worry about how to set up a self-hosted WordPress site. I know some people use as a stepping stone to a self-hosted site. I did. I wanted to host my own site because I wanted to be free of restrictions. What that meant in those days (this is back in 2007) is […]

Colour Backgrounds behind quotes

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Colour backgrounds behind quotes in Gutenberg If you use Gutenberg and you want add a splash of colour behind a paragraph of text, you go over to the sidebar and you will see two tabs. One says Colour Settings and the other says Advanced. When you open the Colour Settings you see two palettes of colours. You can change the colour of the text and/or the colour of the background to the text. And you can […]

Should Automattic Disallow Scammy Ads (Poll)

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The title of this post is ‘Should Automattic Disallow Scammy Ads’. Scammy is an urban dictionary word rather than something you will find in the Oxford or Webster’s Dictionaries, but I am sure you get the idea that it means anything that is and/or related to a scam. It doesn’t have to be fraudulent to the extent that it is illegal, just a crappy way of hooking gullible people into a dream that hasn’t a hope in […]

Troubleshooting Plugin Conflicts

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Troubleshooting plugin conflicts is fun. Yes, I know, you can’t have plugins on sites. That is, you can’t unless you have the Business plan (more about that another time). So this is for people who run self-hosted WordPress sites. Today I had a plugin conflict.  There. I said it. Actually, in about ten years of running self-hosted WordPress sites, this is maybe only the second time I have had a plugin conflict. So what […]

Gutenberg Media Library Issue

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Gutenberg Media Library Issue: Just checking, is anyone else who is using Gutenberg also seeing this issue? In a nutshell, the media library is showing the list of images as though they are not attached to posts, but they are. And the issue is only present for posts posted with Gutenberg. For example, the top image, of the leaves, is in fact attached to a post. it is attached to the post He, She, Him, His, […]

Caxton Gutenberg Plugin

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For the first time since I started using Gutenberg I am really impressed. And strangely, perhaps, I am impressed by creating a page that looks more like a newspaper. I can’t create anything like it here on because it needs the Caxton plugin (get it from the repository) to make it work. That is only for self-hosted sites or the Business plan on The plugin is made by the people at PootlePress […]