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New Gutenberg Release

This should be fun. The team at Automattic have released version 7.7.0 of Gutenberg, that they have worked on and patted into shape. The release notes explain the new features as follows: Add the initial version of the Patterns UI as a sidebar plugin (This is not the final interface and work is in progress to integrate with the main block inserter). Add an initial set of patterns Great. What does it mean? It means that when you click the + button at top left of the screen and use your cursor to move around the options, a little window opens at the side and shows you what it does. It’s supposed to be easier to understand because it is visual. I am going to add some dummy text in columns and then use the feature that allows me to add a background colour to the columns. Here goes with this block of text that I am going to repeat spread over two columns. But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea …

Themes For WP.Com

While looking at a site on I noticed something. The VARIA theme is the basis for a number of child themes made by the WordPress team. If you perhaps want to use one of the child themes on a self-hosted site, then you can download it from but you also need to download the Varia theme (and activate that first) before you try to activate the child theme. Here is the list of child themes that spin off of Varia Alves Balasana Barnsbury Brompton Coutoire Dalston Exford Hever Leven Mayland Maywood Morden Redhill Rivington Rockfield Shawburn Stow Stratford

Safari Issue With Draft Post Preview

I reported this issue to the Happiness Engineers yesterday Me:I am getting the recurrence of an issue I had months ago – maybe a year ago. This is the issue: I am in WP Admin, creating a new post. I save it as a draft, and then hit Preview. It says ‘post not found’. The way the issue was resolved last time around was that I would refresh the ‘post not found’ page and if would then find the draft post. It is no longer doing that. When I refresh, it still says ‘post not found’. The only way to see the Preview of the draft is for me to come out of the post and then hit ‘Preview’ for that post in the list of posts. This is the URL that keeps saying post not found photographworks dot me/?p=12442 And this is the URL that does display the draft post photographworks dot wordpress dot com/?p=12442&preview=true Happiness Engineer:Hmm, this seems to be working fine for me. I wonder if it’s a browser issue this time. …