More Block Testing

Don’t ask me how I got here. Jen messaged me with something about the block editor versus the classic editor. I went from there to looking at the Support Forums, and from there I discovered that there is a classic block. That’s a block inside the block editor that operates like the classic editor but only for that block of text.

I didn’t test it out, but I assume that is someone used the classic block to write a post, then they would have to start a classic block for each new paragraph. That sounds fun…

Anyways, that is not what this post is about, because en route to finding out about the classic block I saw that someone had asked about the [More] thingumajig whereby someone could write an intro and then continue it on the full post. Frankly I forget why one would want to do that. And I don’t know where the bit beyond the [More] would appear. But.. there is a [More] block as part of the Block Editor.

I probably saw it a million times and never thought more about it (haha?)

So now I want to use it here, and I am going to have to post this in order to see how it works. So, if it comes to nought, I might delete this post or change it to talk about something else. So here goes and I am saying now that there is more after the [More] which should appear right now. Here goes!

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P2 or P2 Version 2?

Last week I received this email from Automattic. That’s the company that owns and that is a trustee for

As more collaboration is happening remotely and online — work yes, but increasingly also school and personal relationships — we’re all looking for better ways to work together online. Normally, teachers hand out homework to students in person, and project leaders gather colleagues around a conference table for a presentation. Suddenly all this is happening in email, and Slack, and Zoom, and Google docs, and a dozen other tools.

At, our 15 years as a fully distributed company with over 1,200 employees working from 77 countries relies on P2: an all-in-one team website, blog, database, and social network that consolidates communications and files in one accessible, searchable spot.

It powers work at, WooCommerce, and Tumblr. And today, a beta version is available for anyone — for your newly-remote work team, your homeschooling pod, your geographically scattered friends. P2 is the glue that gives your group an identity and coherence.

The email invited me to set up a site using P2 for internal team communications. So I did. Then I went to a different browser to take a look at what the site I had made looked like to a non-logged in viewer.

And the answer is that the site is marked as private, which is what a team would want if they are using P2 for internal communications.

Is this P2 or P2 version 2?

All good so far except for one thing. I had a P2 site years ago. I am as sure as I can be that that there was a P2 theme in the repository. And I am sure I used the theme and set up a private P2 on a self-hosted site.

Colour me confused.

Want to Get Your Own P2?

Go here >>>

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