L&R Wooderson

L&R Wooderson shopfront

See the plate glass fronted building across the road from this shop? It stretches for about a hundred yards. That monument to modernity makes the shopfront of L&R Wooderson stand out all the more.

L&R Wooderson was a shirtmakers’ and now the shop is Cubitts the spectacles shop. An article from last year that I found (see the link here) shows what the shop looked like in 1986.

Last year the shop was a greeting cards shop – Cards Galore. That particular chain of card shops suffered during the height of the COVID lockdown because this area is the City Of London, which was empty of office workers for months and months.

Photography Details

I photographed the building with a Ricoh GR III at f 4.5, a shutter speed of 1/20 second, exposure compensation of -1.3 and an ISO of 400