Don’t go over the Brexit cliff, Cliff

the white cliffs of Dover

The worrying scenario grows closer. It’s Cliff Brexit, careening off the white cliffs of Dover on his way to destroy his own country by the act of his suicide.

I shout out to him:

Don’t go over the Brexit cliff, Cliff!

But he is not listening. He has a job and a plan and he’s going to get there come hell or high water.

How far down is it to the bottom of the cliffs? He hasn’t got a chance.

But he’s single minded.

Mrs Mallard Beds Down For The Night

Female mallard bedding down for the night

Female mallard bedding down for the night

Tamara and I passed a pair of mallards earlier in the day on our way into town to see Isle Of Dogs.

On the way back we spotted the pair hunkered down in the grass. We were near home, and I came out again to photograph the pair in the fading light.

I used my Nikon D7000 with a long lens and ISO 800. I was worried that the high ISO would cause the shadows to block up because I always seem to get the exposure wrong in a way that doesn’t happen with the Fuji.

The male, being more contrasty and dark, did look a bit grungy in the photos – and I must work out how to shoot better in low light with the camera.

But it all worked out for the female mallard. Of course, she woke up to the sound of the shutter button, but she didn’t seem disturbed.

And when I look at the photos – I really like them.

Mallards are beautiful birds.