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Moody Cows Preset

I was looking at this photo in Lightroom and clicked on one of the few presets I have. This is a freebie I got years ago from Flixelpix. The preset is designed for Fuji cameras, but it works so I guess it is brand agnostic.… Read More

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Nikon D500 On Test

Tamara and I have a trip planned where we hope to photograph some animals. According to the reviews, the Nikon D500 has ‘an uncanny ability to track moving subjects’. Not only that but it can track moving subjects that are obscured by other objects and… Read More

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Five Cows

It looked like the cows could have been responsible for knocking the lamppost / street lamp askew. Maybe they did. As I was writing the ‘Five Cows’ title, a book came into my mind – The Hawkline Monster by Richard Brautigan. It’s a kind of… Read More