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On The Phone

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Is this man a sadhu, a serious searcher after truth, or something else? Who knows? I met a man who had been on his yatra (pilgrimage to holy places) for years and who had nothing good to say about the ‘fake’ sadhus at Pashupatinath, where I took this photograph. But that was just his take, and he could be wrong. The man is covered in ash. Some sadhus cover themselves with ash from cremated bodies. […]

Seeing Not Looking For Photographs

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I’ve just been reviewing the photographs I took in Nepal. There are a lot and it will take me a while. Here is a photo I took of a line of men sitting on a bench in Durbar Square in Patan. I saw the men and I wanted to photograph them and I did. Once I got the photo up on the computer, I straightened and cropped it. I cannot go back in time to […]

Bhaktapur in Nepal

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I just got back from two weeks in Nepal and I thought I was going to write about it, but I have a cold (caught on the plane?) and I don’t feel like doing much of anything except lamenting that I feel half awake. But I wanted to get a photograph on line to make a start, and here is this one from Bhaktapur, a town east of Kathmandu. The people in the photo are […]

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel under the Thames

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Tamara and I were in London yesterday. We happened to see this small building, which is the entrance to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. The tunnel goes under the Thames, 15 metres below the river. It runs from Greenwich on the south side to Tower Hamlets on the north side and was opened in 1902 with lifts installed in two years later. New lifts were installed when the tunnel was renovated in 2012. There’s a plaque […]

Model Drama

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I cut out the confusing backgrounds (the display cases at the exhibition at the V&A that I talked about in my last post) from these models to show these pieces of drapery to their best effect. The last image is just plain weird. And though it is nothing more than paper mâché, don’t you think it has a certain presence?