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Elephant Walking Off

I photographed the elephant in South Africa when Tamara and I went last September. I have photos of the elephant close up eating bushes. When it had finished eating, it walked past us and went off. And it’s quite a thought that apart from the risk of poaching, it has nothing to worry about. It has everything it needs and the world is its oyster. I am trying an overlay of blue sky and clouds in Photoshop, and somehow the elephant stands out OK. What do you think? Does it appeal to you?

Yellow Fumitory

We have this growing against a wall. It is a small plant, maybe a foot tall. Aren’t the leaves pretty and interesting? I like the colour as well – yellowy green in the young leaves and then colder and bluer in the mature leaves. You can see the little tubular yellow flowers peeping out behind the leaves. It has another names – yellow corydalis and rock fumewort – and it is in the poppy family and native to the foothills of the Alps in Italy and Switzerland. It grows wild in the south of the UK wherever it finds a crack in a wall to give it somewhere to start from. It’s invasive and will spread (but ours hasn’t) and I wonder who first introduced it to the UK?