Canard WordPress Theme

I changed theme to Canard and I grabbed a photo to use as a header image. Now I am posting it here in this post as well. That’s because I might change the header image and then all traces would be gone.

I took this last September (seems a world away in time) in South Africa along the Cape. As you can see, the ground was parched. When we took a plane from Port Eizabeth to Johannesburg we flew over endless miles of parched earth. I hear that the rains have come (at least around Cape Town), so maybe the drought has ended.

Interesting name ‘Canard’ – it means ‘duck’ in French, if you didn’t know.

But it has a meaning in English of ‘an unfounded rumour or story’, as in ‘He’s dragging out that old canard about animals being dumb.’ And that’s surely a strange name for a WordPress theme, don’t you think?

Update 15 Minutes Later

No sooner chosen than I have changed the theme again – to the TwoTone theme.

Update 24 Hours Later

I changed the theme again – this time to the Hemingway Revisited theme. I have used it before but didn’t like the severe black background to the title text. But now I can CSS the colour and make it softer