Stupa View Restaurant and Cafe

street in Boudhanath, Nepal

Gear acquisition syndrome is well known among photographers. The next camera will be better than the one you have. A camera that you don’t have has a special quality that makes it better than anything you have.

With that in mind I was looking through the photos I took in Nepal, comparing the camera I no longer have with the camera I do have.

And when I looked at this photo, I am right in the street. And it’s a feeling special to this place. It is Boudhanath, a suburb of Kathmandu in Nepal. And it is Buddhist.

I ate at the Stupa View restaurant that you can see at the end of the street. And from the roof is a view of the stupa.

This is a view from street level. People walk around the stupa time and time again, sometimes for hours. And in some cases people go around the stupa by standing, laying out flat on the ground and stretching full length, getting up again, and so on around the stupa.

stupa at Boudhanath

people making their way around the stupa in Boudhanath

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