Add A WooCommerce Product Anywhere

Messing about with a link to a product on a WooCommerce store, I discovered that putting the link into a standard WordPress site makes it a live link that takes the visitor right to the Product page.

This can be a big deal for anyone with a WooCommerce store and other WordPress sites from which they want to link. It works with self-hosted WordPress sites, and as you can see here, it works from sites.

I checked and the linking method only works with single product pages for specific products, and not for general product category pages.

Here is an example with one of the guinea pig birthday cards on Flying Twigs. See how it picks up the image (or part of it) and the price and the description.

I get visitors from all over the world to Photograph Works, so do note that at Flying Twigs we only send orders to addresses in the UK.

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