Low Sun In Trees

trees lit by low sun - Botanic Garden Cambridge

I think this year, may be a good year for Autumn foliage. Leaves are more golden, tending to red. For this photo, in the Botanic Garden in Cambridge, the sun was low, even at three minutes past two in the afternoon yesterday.

‘Low’ is a relative term. The sun glanced across the landscape lower in Edinburgh at 55.9533° N – than here in Cambridge at 52.1951° N.

No wonder, Edinburgh is 418km (225miles) further north towards the North Pole.

Info: Shot with an iPhone 13 Mini

Latitude and Longitude Distance Calculator

I know it is approximately 111km between degrees of latitude, but if you don’t want to calculate it manually, there is a useful tool at the NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER and CENTRAL PACIFIC HURRICANE CENTER.

As it mentions on this page on Thought.co “Degrees of latitude are parallel so, for the most part, the distance between each degree remains constant. However, the Earth is slightly elliptical in shape and that creates a small variation between the degrees as we work our way from the equator to the north and south poles.”

I didn’t know that, and thought that the latitudes were plotted to be an equal distance between degrees. So, something learned.

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