Drought In Cambridge

cow in Cambridge looking for eatable grass
Cow in Cambridge looking for eatable grass – 25 August 2022

Drought in Cambridge? Surely you mean simply an extended period without rain. After all, there was the drought of 1976, and people then didn’t have that worried edge to their voices when they said the word. Ah yes, but in 1976 the world was simply turning, and the next major event was likely to be billions of years into the future, unless we were hit with a random asteroid on its way somewhere.

But now, with the River Loire in France so low it can be crossed on foot, the Rhine so low that barge traffic cannot move, and Yangtse in China slowed to a sluggish crawl, people see the world differently now.

cows eating grass next to the River Cam


  1. John says:

    Why are cows let loose, I’ve never seen this. Sometimes the rains go away, it’s not that GW thing.


    1. These particular cows are standing not more than half a mile from the city centre. Welcome to Cambridge – a city of about 120,000 people plus the student from the university and about 50 miles from London as the crow flies. It is one of the world leaders in bio technology. Astra Zeneca, for example, is here. And yet we have herds of cows let loose on the low fields in the town for most of the year.

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      1. John says:

        What an amazing city! Thanks for the vaccine too. 👍🏻🇬🇧❤️

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    2. About whether it is global warming – I was intending to say that people think differently about drought today compared to fifty years ago.

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