Looking Down On Cambridge

view looking down on Cambridge buildings

The building straight ahead is Gonville and Cause College. In 2018 I wrote about flowers for Stephen Hawking the physicist, who was at the College.

At the top right of the photo you can see the tower of St John’s College, and in front and just to the left of St John’s is Trinity College.

If you can imagine it, the river Cam is running along on the left parallel to the buildings, and quite close to them. Beyond the river is the area known as the Backs.

In the very bottom left corner of this photograph is one of the buildings of Kings College. Turning around and looking to the left of this scene is the chapel of Kings College.

And that really is Cambridge in an architectural nutshell – an inspiring place to live because the buildings are so pleasant, And it not just the ‘grand’ buildings, but also the many small vernacular buildings all around.

I say this against the background that it is a sad fact that after the Second World War, with the gleam of what the future held, many towns and city centres were razed to make way for Brutalist or eve more plain buildings. It is very probably only because of the presence of the University and the Colleges that the same did not happen in Cambridge.

Kings College Chapel

map of Cambridge showing location of some of the university colleges

In 2017 I wrote about Different Worlds Kings College, Cambridge and posted photographs to illustrate the difference that thirty yards can make between the comparative clamour of the street and the peace inside the grounds of Kings College. Take a look at the photos to see what I mean.

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