Shoreditch WordPress Theme

I have another blog where I am using the Shoreditch WordPress theme. The theme is very clean and simple and blocky and big and bright and obvious and pleasant and fun.

I use the blog to post anything that takes my fancy – word definitions, odd bits of news, complaints about the state of the world – in the best microblogging tradition.

The Shoredtitch theme is also available to download and use on a self-hosted site. I tried it on one of my spare domains and it looked good. I say ‘looked’ because after trying it, I went back to the GeneratePress theme that I use for almost all my self-hosted sites.


noun: microblogging; noun: micro-blogging
the activity or practice of making short, frequent posts to a microblog.
“microblogging allows anyone with something to say to find an audience”.

Microblogging means short observations on what presents itself. 


verb: complain persistently.

Kvetch literally means “squeeze” in Yiddish, and commonly refers to whining, complaining, and grousing. A person who kvetches incessantly can also be referred to as a kvetch.


With seven floors of empty apartments, the now abandoned Corona development shows the best of international devastation waiting for redemption and the return of the forest. You are invited to choose to remain or to seek regeneration beyond the city.


Here is a link to the Shoreditch WordPress theme.

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