Cow On Sheep’s Green

cow on Sheep's Green in Cambridge

Cambridge has access to nature not more than a few hundred yards from the middle of the city.

When you walk from the middle of town onto Laundress Green and follow the footpath onto Sheep’s Green, you can feel how you are dropping down a level. The land floods at certain times of the year, and the fact that it is low lying is easy to guess from the Willow trees (which love contact with water in a high water table).

This cow, posing by the willow tree is on Sheep’s Green. The white fence you can see in the right of the frame is part of the guard rail for the bridge that runs over a little stream that never dries up.

I tried to find out how Sheep’s Green got its name. Apart from the obvious that the land was used for grazing, I didn’t find anything. I have never seen sheep there, but there is a herd of cows that drifts this way and that across the space once Spring is established. And this little fellow is one of the herd – the others munching and lying around about.

I do know something about sheep and cows – and how they cannot occupy the same space – at least not happily.

If you ever watched films or read about the enmity between cattle ranchers and sheep ranchers – take a look at this that I wrote a year ago that explains why sheep and cattle cannot occupy the same space. it is all to do with how sheep and cattle eat.

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