The Bullring at Ronda

The Bullring at Ronda in Andalusia

The seating is on two levels, and these are the stairs that lead up to the upper level. It was out of season, so no bullfights.

And here is a view of the lower level.

The lower level of the Bullring at Ronda in Andalusia


  1. There are still bullfights? I thought that was sort of an ancient activity.

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    1. Yes, in several cities and towns in Spain, there are still bullfights – even in the capital.

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      1. Wow, that is pretty cool. Not sure I want to see one. I can’t stand seeing animals get hurt.


        1. I went to a bullfight on my own once. I remember there was a little girl, about three years old, in a seat in front of me, eating an ice cream while the spectacle was there in the ring. I went a second time with a friend who thought he wanted to know what goes on – and we left after fifteen minutes. I don’t regret that I went and saw for myself what happens, but I wouldn’t go to one again.

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        2. That is sort of my opinion on many things, well at least those ethical! Lol. I like to experience things from other cultures at least one time.

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        3. Agreed – or we don’t have any opinions of our own, but only received from someone else.

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