The Trees and Deer Of Richmond Park

Ancient trees in Richmond Park
Red deer in Richmond Park
Close up of Red deer in Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a Royal Park on the outskirts of London, adjacent to the town of Richmond upon Thames. It is almost 1,000 hectares (2,500 acres) of open grassland and woods.

Some areas of the park are cordoned off to allow wildlife to live without disturbance and it was in one of those areas that I saw the tangle of upper branches in the first photo here.

Some of the trees all around the park are huge. And that is testament to the long undisturbed history of the park. If only more of Britain’s nature was as well protected.

The herds of Red deer and Fallow deer roam free in the park. This is a Red deer stag in fine ‘antlerdom’. Tamara wonders how they sleep with that headgear.

I’ll follow up in more posts with Red and Fallow deer.

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