Evening Clouds And Trees

This is all the difference between being there and seeing a photograph. It’s a failure – there is no focus – just the strength of the colour of the clouds and the graphics of the trees. But still… here it is.

They are lime trees, eighty feet / 25m tall.


  1. Prefer the second personally… where the composition is the clouds, viewed through the tree canopy as though lace at a window…


    1. No, sorry, got that reversed; it’s the second shot which better gives that effect.


      1. This lockdown has given us time to look at trees more this past winter, and there are lots of lime trees here. It’s been an interesting journey. First to admire their height, and then the fine tracery of twigs at their outer edges.

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        1. Yes, exactly what I mean! The longer you look, the more you see.

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        2. And once the leaves come out there’s also that same complex pattern in their structure and then the individual cells and their structure and back into the individual through stem, twig, branch and trunk… down to the roots which repeating the pattern again into the complexity, the symbiosis of plant and earth and hyphae, the complex relationships of all who touch each other within it. In nature it never ends: all are connected; all are related, important, dependant…

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        3. Who was it that said (and likely butchery on my part, so be warned) that “the more I learn, the more I realise just how little I know…”

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