She Fell Through The Cracks


She fell through the cracks
Headlong, arms not flailing
because she didn’t know she had fallen
out of reach and help

She thought she was above the cracks,
still being looked after
where she ought to be looked after
according to the rules

But she was quiet
Her feet were small
Her shoes were neat
So she slipped through

Without a murmur

Had she had big angry shoes
They would have caught in the crack,
Someone would have noticed
Someone would have
Pulled her back

But that wasn’t how it was
And she fell, slipped, gone.


  1. Hugs for those who mourn her
    here above the cracks
    For I am certain she is missed
    she of the small feet and neat shoes
    And shame on them whom miserly
    control the purse
    An should’ve patched the crack
    she slipped through
    As tears fall yet again

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  2. Joan E Miller says:


    I didn’t know you were a poet! It’s very good. It has depth and story!

    I used to enjoy writing haiku.


    1. Thank you for the compliment. 🙂

      Do you still have your haikus?


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