The Dentist

I love the tooth hanging over the doorway. No way to mistake what kind of business it is.

I came across an old post where I had overlain a photo with a photo of a fairly plain brown background, so I did that here with a distressed shot of clouds, and this is the result.


  1. Such a very atmospheric photo David; but truly, I had to laugh when, while in the process of examining the building itself and having just become aware of its interesting rounded shape and supposing that it must be situated on a rather uniquely-shaped lot) only to notice the street(?) sign proclaiming it as ‘New Square’!: )


    1. Rats, hit ‘send’ by accident whilst still attempting to make this a logical sentence; but hopefully it makes a bit of sense regardless?


      1. It did and it does 🙂

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    2. Well spotted. Yes it’s a-round new square 🙂
      All the other buildings in the Square are regular shaped rectangles; its just this one that has a beautiful curve. I must photograph it from another angle to show that.

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      1. Any idea how old it is David? It’s a perfect reminder to those of us in much younger places (relatively speaking) of the massive architectural variety of other places… Although, once having said that, it set me wondering (and looking, as per usual; ) and I found that our architecture here can be quite old ( and even ancient ( ; )


        1. The Square is nearly all houses, just this one that is a business. They were built in stages, and I think this one dates to approximately 1830. When I was young and had not travelled, I thought that Britain had a lot of old architecture, but France, Italy, Germany have preserved much more, as I learned.

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