Canard WordPress Theme

I changed theme to Canard and I grabbed a photo to use as a header image. Now I am posting it here in this post as well. That’s because I might change the header image and then all traces would be gone.

I took this last September (seems a world away in time) in South Africa along the Cape. As you can see, the ground was parched. When we took a plane from Port Eizabeth to Johannesburg we flew over endless miles of parched earth. I hear that the rains have come (at least around Cape Town), so maybe the drought has ended.

Interesting name ‘Canard’ – it means ‘duck’ in French, if you didn’t know.

But it has a meaning in English of ‘an unfounded rumour or story’, as in ‘He’s dragging out that old canard about animals being dumb.’ And that’s surely a strange name for a WordPress theme, don’t you think?

Update 15 Minutes Later

No sooner chosen than I have changed the theme again – to the TwoTone theme.

Update 24 Hours Later

I changed the theme again – this time to the Hemingway Revisited theme. I have used it before but didn’t like the severe black background to the title text. But now I can CSS the colour and make it softer


  1. susurrus says:

    Your new theme looks good, although I found it tricky to get back to the blog when I clicked on one of the pages.


    1. Thank you for your observation. I added a ‘Home’ button to the navigation menu.

      While I was at it, I hid the display of the text that appears over the header image on different pages.

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  2. KokkieH says:

    Beautiful photo! Giraffes are one of my favourite animals to photograph – they’re just natural models.

    I’m sad to say the drought is pretty much still a thing. From what I’ve heard the west coast has had a good winter-rainfall season, but the south coast (including Port Elizabeth), is still pretty dry. And for the east coast and interior we’re watching dam levels steadily drop as we wait for the summer rainfall season to begin.

    We visited the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi park close to us a couple weeks ago. At one dried-up waterhole we watched warthogs aggressively defending tiny pools of muddy water they’d dug open, from both each other and much bigger animals. Right on the coast we’ve had regular rain throughout winter, but we desperately need rain in the river catchment areas.


    1. Thank you for your comment on the photo and for the information. Tamara and I were in South Africa for four weeks and the country really got to me. I could happily spend a lot of time in the parks. And South Africa was a real eye opener for me. I had never been to Africa south of the Sahara before and I had news images and all kinds of things in my head. And it is such a beautiful country, and lovely people. I am a bit starstruck from it 🙂

      I looked up the park you went to. I’ll dream of visiting one day when covid is a thing of the past.


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