Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree

I took this photograph about a week ago. Since then it has rained, more than once. And the grass is now a lush yellow-green.

Were it not that it is raining, I would walk across there and photograph it again.

The way I constructed that last sentence reminds me of the case of a man who was charged with common assault. He said something along the lines of ‘If this were Assize time, I would run you through with my sword.’ But it was not Assize time (the time when the Assize courts were sitting) and so his words were found by the court not to be an assault (a provocation) to the other man.

I completely forgot the name of the case, which is not surprising seeing as how many years have passed since I learned about it. But I remembered that idea behind it and when I put ‘Assize time’ into Google, it straight away gave me Turberville v Savage 1669.


  1. Lol, (only a tiny shortcut David: )
    “Were it not (for the fact) that it is raining…”


    1. Or… “Were it not (for the rain) I would…”


      1. Used to love doing these exercises in English (Grammar) Class; )


        1. Me too, but when I was at school I underestimated its value and only regarded ability in science as having value (because it was hard). ….


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