Moorhens in May: The Beak In The Riverbank

First we saw dad with a chick. Then dad picked some food out of the water and delivered it mum in a nest tucked into the riverbank.

Then dad swam off to the right and the little scruff-ball of a tiny chick was all alone.

The chick pootled around for minute and then started to climb up to the nest, it’s tiny little winds flapping to help it along.


It slid back down the steep bank.

Would it make it, could it make it?

Yes! Another try it was in the nest.

Oh what joy.

Where Is The Nest?

The site of the nest highlighted
Can you see the yellow beak peeking out of the nest?

In truth I do not know whether moorhens split their time on the nest with dad on the nest some of the time.

So where I have said that dad passed the food to mum, and dad swam off, it might be the other parent.

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