Lioness Drinking

I almost didn’t take a photo of the female lion drinking because I was shocked by how she was down on her haunches. I forgot for a moment that lions don’t have to worry who is near them because they are not prey animals. We were used to seeing antelope and zebra, who stand nervously when they drink, ready to take flight at the slightest disturbance. Lions can relax and drink however they like.


  1. writemeow says:

    Interesting angle of the first one. That must’ve been such a memorable trip.

    This also reminds me of why I keep my cat’s water bowl separate from his food dish. Cats don’t like to have their water next to the food … it’s in their genes to go to a water hole (c:


    1. It was memorable, even more so with the photos to keep looking at. Even without those, little pictures keep popping up in my mind – looking across the seat at Tamara as we were driven by the ranger over miles of countryside – bushes, animals, birds, the sky and a huge vista, going around a bend on a sandy track and suddenly there are half a dozen zebra.
      I didn’t know that about cats preferring to keep water away from food. That’s interesting.

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  2. Tamara says:

    That was a special moment, David, thanks for reminding me of it. And how strange during this coronavirus pandemic to recall memories of us on safari in South Africa.


  3. Well David, while she might not have been standing and ready to bolt, one can see by her ears that she certainly was listening; )


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