What’s Up In The UK

Lockdown. Streets deserted. People only going out for food or a short walk once a day. Cambridge should get a badge for good behaviour. A friend said Lincoln is deserted.

Amazing what you can get people to do when they want to.

Zoom made me think of people standing around a radio transmitter/receiver in a post-apocalyptic TV series from the 1970s, trying to make contact with other scattered remnants, pockets of survivors.

The last day or two – a bubbling up of the view from the man/woman in the street (when the man/woman in the street is allowed out) that we should be wearing masks – good masks, poor masks, better than no masks.

I don’t get the second poster. She looks like Snow White, but that aside, she is miles from anyone. She is socially distancing. It would have made more sense if she was in a crowd.

Do you know someone who has had the virus?

Do you know someone who has had the virus? I know of people who know people, and one person that I have met face to face. He had fever, muscle pain – no breathing problems – lost taste and smell – and lost weight – couldn’t stand up when it was at its worst. He was diagnosed over the phone by his doctor, and he did not need to go to hospital. Which leads me to a question.

How Do They Compose the Figures?

If someone is diagnosed over the phone by their doctor as having COVID-19 but not tested, are they added to the infections numbers? Who reports numbers to whom?

10 thoughts on “What’s Up In The UK

  1. Very good questions David. How can population densities with positive results be tracked with any certainty without actual testing and results of those tests? Now that the worldwide manufacture of reagents is being ramped up to meet demand, things (should?) improve, yes?


    1. The big test will be what happens in China over the next two weeks. Did you see the news reports about how, when the authorities ended the lockdown in Wuhan, people scattered all over China? If they got it right and there are no new cases, then it doesn’t matter about testing. I guess we will see. But for countries where it isn’t ‘stopped’ then testing is the only way to get a handle on things.


  2. And, about your posit on the ‘Snow White’ poster… She is obviously following direction of Social Distancing, so how is it exactly that she’s a danger to herself or anyone else – and particularly if her body is manufacturing immunity-boosting Vit. D whilst laying peacefully (mentally relaxing/ recharging) on the grass?

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