Extinction Rebellion Cambridge Today

Conversation with one of the people handing out leaflets. I told him I was getting more and more conscious and felt more and more desperate when I put more plastic wrapping in the recycling bag.

He said at least it was recycled, and we talked about cutting out plastic at source so that the endless cycle wasn’t so endless.

I said my party piece about climate change masking the message to cut pollution. And that if the world’s authorities would suddenly declare that new evidence showed that climate change was not due to anything people did, it would still be a disaster to trash the planet with pollution. Stop pollution –

He said he didn’t want to be arrested, so he was one of those handing out leaflets. He said he had a small child and was just helping in a small way. I said he was helping, and that was a valuable contribution. We agreed that pollution was key to which way the world goes and he said he was feeling bad about the Nespresso machine he had bought and the capsules that he wasn’t sure were recyclable.

I said that my wife Tamara hated those little capsules, adding to the junk filling the world and thought they were an environmental blight even if they were supposed to be recyclable. I said she would never buy one, and she thought George Clooney, who advertises them, ought to speak out.


  1. Joan E. Miller says:

    My first thought exactly, when I first saw those one-cup disposable things advertised. Ridiculous.

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