Table And Chair

There they are, a table and chair against a wall. They are part of the Permanent Collection in Tate Britain in London.

At first sight it made me think of Dostoyevsky’s writing table and chair that Tamara and I saw when we visited his apartments (now a museum) in St. Petersburg in July 2017.

But a closer look explained why this table and chair merited being an exhibit in the Tate.


OK, it is not high art. Perhaps not even art. It makes me smile though. I have this idea that the creator got the idea when he slammed a chair against a table and imagined for a moment that the chair passed right through and into the solid wood of the table.

If there is a revolution and all art is banned, they might be able to resurrect the table and the chair for future utilitarian use. The table would be easy; the chair might be a bit of a problem.

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