1. JenT says:

    Loving these photos from the Tate, but my 25″ monitor is displaying at 2560×1440 resolution so any vertical image that is taller than 1440 causes me to scroll quite a bit. But it’s still lovely.


    1. That’s good to know. The wide images are 1000 × 667px and the tall images are 1000 × 1333px. I simply never noticed that I too have to scroll with the tall images on my MacBook Pro!

      Do you have to scroll with both wide and tall images? Or is it only tall images like, for example, the woman in the cowboy hat standing next to the painting in the gallery in the ‘Colour Coordinated With The Art Gallery’ post?


      1. JenT says:

        The horizontal images in your post “At Tate Britan” are well within a single view, unlike the image in this post or the full-width image at “Grey crowned crane” (which is nothing short of magnificent!).


        1. Thanks about the crane photo, and for telling me how it is displaying. The photo is set to the ‘Full Width’ option and the image is a bit wider than I normally save at – 1200 x 854. I just re-set it to ‘Wide Width’.

          Does it show in a single view now your computer now?

          The reason I have been experimenting with sizes is that I am not sure how big in pixels the image needs to be to show well with lots of detail at the various size options.


  2. JenT says:

    The crane does sit now within the dimensions of the monitor, but the image’s impact is certainly lessened. I don’t have another monitor to view from to say what it looks like there, but I’ll let you know when I power up my tablet.

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    1. JenT says:

      It’s all lovely in the browser on my Android Tablet.


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