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    • The stall is in the open-air market in Market Square in Cambridge. The market has been there since Saxon times and the cobbles may date from the renovation after a fire in the 1840s.

      Looking up details of the market, I just read that a mob led by the Mayor of Cambridge destroyed the university’s ledgers in Market Square on 16 June 1381 during the Peasants’ Revolt. Having read about that I shall not go to Market Square and think of it the same way again.

      During the Peasant’s Revolt in England, the priest John Ball is famous for his rhetorical question: ‘When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the gentleman?’ The outcome was dire for him and for the other leaders of the revolt – I wrote about it here The Peasant’s Revolt

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        • No, on the contrary, as I understand it, there were no other men – to be “gentle” or otherwise – in the time of Adam ‘spanning’ Eve. There were no others, only they two… And, as they wanted for naught in The Garden, so they had no need for lackeys either… (Until Adam ‘span’, of course; )


      • And, just as a point of reference, that particular bit of nonsense rhyme has irked me from the first instant I ever heard it… Even as a child I’d no respect for such sly, holier-than-thou kind of crap – but obviously a lack of context puts a totally different spin on comprehension, doesn’t it? Because I still think such discussion should never pass the lips of a true ‘gentleman’ as to me it slanders the woman in question, lol)
        But obviously knowing in this case the reference to Gentlemen being the entitled, upper crust, elite of society, well even then women were by and large powerless, so my outrage is (while slightly refocused; ) still intact…


        • I didn’t think of it as sexist because I saw that it was saying that we are all created equal and no one can claim any right to be the boss, and when anyone does it is simply by force of might and the complicity of us all who are conditioned to accept the normality into which we are born. But thank you for pointing out the ‘Gentleman’ (but not ‘Lady’) aspect. It passed me by.

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        • *Correction: before Adam *delved*…
          But I have (rebel that I am; ) often thought that it would’ve been an incredibly boring existence in The Garden; to have everything handed to you with nothing to stimulate thought or effort. If god truly expected us to stay in the garden, I’m fairly certain curiosity would’ve been a trait left out; )


        • There is a commentary on part of the Hebrew scriptures, attached to the biblical text that says that the world was only supposed to last 24 hours – so no time to get bored. Then they would be ‘out of time’ in an endless dance with their creator. Can you just picture it – dancing and dancing and taken with the music, and never getting tired and never taking a step back and looking at it as an observer? Is that heaven or hell? Life is complicated.

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        • lol. Hmm… It seems like an awful lot of ‘making’ for it to only last 24 hours, doesn’t it? As to the ‘endless dance’ idea, it has no appeal in the least; )
          But, if we were truly created as an amazement, then I think he’s derived a lot more entertainment from a thinking, choice & mistake-making human than a simple puppet; )
          As to scripture, it’s all been from the King James viewpoint…


        • As living beings I believe that we are all joined through a long line of development over millennia – just look at the minuscule differences in the DNA strand from one species to the next – and that we (all living creatures) continue to exist at the pleasure of the Universe… Beyond that, indeed “Who can say?”

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        • Ah, now I see what you meant. One thing I do hold is that any divine entity worth its salt would not make man for amusement. Being full of insight, it would have got past that. (Unless the divine used a creation tool with autocorrect and ended up with something unintended…)

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        • LOL. Makes you wonder what the people were like who actually wrote these things down ‘for posterity/under God’s direction’ doesn’t it? (So many ideas from a human slant. So much temptation; )


        • I just watched a three-part series on TV on the downfall of Charles I. One of his most poorly thought out ideas (one that guaranteed he would have a fight on his hands) was to impose a new version of the daily prayer book on the country. It was a Catholic mass in all but name, and set the Scots and the Puritans against him in a country that had shrugged off ‘Popery’ with the previous monarchs.

          I can’t say from direct experience but I am told that the Old Testament in the original Hebrew is the same all over, including a copy that was unearthed in the 20th century that had been lost for millennia.

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        • It is impossible to know at this remove in time what the mood of the people was, but I think that unless things are going downhill badly (no bread) then when something comes along to upset the social order, most people will run to protect the social order on the principle of the devil you know – and in the knowledge that if there is a free-for-all, there is no saying how it will end (witness the Terror of France or the Bolshevik revolution in Russia).


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