17 thoughts on “How Will He Get Out?

  1. Hey David, it’s “The Boy in The Plastic Bubble” all-grown-up! Not sure if you’ll recall the movie from decades ago or not? 😉
    Yes, a REALLY long time ago… John Travolta, 1976…
    Would your artist need to come out for a breath of fresh air every so often or…
    Sorry, FAR too much thought going into this; )


      1. Honestly, I had completely forgotten who had the lead. (Must’ve been a really ‘memorable’ movie, hey? LOL ; )
        Hmm… Went and found and listened til 2:30 of a 4minute song before there was any mention of “the boy in the bubble” and that was it! Not really ‘on topic’:/


        1. Thank you for turning my attention to the intent of this song David! While I’ve listened to it as simple background (white-noise) umpteen times (especially back in the 80’s) I never knew the basis/tongue-in-cheekiness of the lyrics. My bad!

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        1. Apropos the boy in the bubble, I just went this evening to a talk on air pollution and the risks to the environment and health. I was musing to myself how air pollution plays into the general scenario of health. Children from poor backgrounds having it tough even before they are born, with poor nutrition in the womb and at birth causing epigenetic doors to open or close in their DNA. Then poor nutrition as they are growing up and in adulthood, and living nearer to air pollution, roads, factories. And comparing that with better off people living further from roads, with gardens and hedges to soak up pollutants, better diet, etc. And I was wondering how much better a ‘well-fed body’ is at fending off the effects of air pollution.

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        2. I will read more deeply, but I got the picture. I read somewhere that tears can flush out heavy metals, but only tears from crying as an emotional release and that tears from onions don’t have that capability.

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        3. Funny how wonderfully adapted our bodies are, isn’t it? (And Lord-knows there are more than enough things happening these days to evoke an incredibly deep, emotional cleanse of heavy-metal toxicity, et al… :/)

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        4. I was just thinking the same. The physical assaults on our health and the psychological stress of all the screw ups that we manage to impose on humankind really is a lot for us all to bear. I remember being in Old Delhi. It looked like the aftermath of an apocalypse. Everything was burned, broken, hanging off – and in the middle of it people were smiling and getting on with life.

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        5. While certainly not ‘liking’ this in the general sense, I can’t agree more with your last sentence.
          “Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst”; “The best defence is a good offence”… This last one in particular I like to turn away from it’s original usage to our making The Immune System (our best, most adaptable weapon: ) ready for anything…

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