Chimps Beat Humans: I Can’t Believe There Isn’t More Wonderment About This

I saw a TV programme about this a couple of years ago. The results have been swimming around in my head ever since. And I just can’t figure out why this isn’t being blasted from the rooftops day and night. It’s amazing. It’s more than amazing. It upsets a lot of comfortable assumptions about the ‘way things are’.

I found this on YouTube. Watch and be amazed. If you are not amazed, please tell me why you are underwhelmed with what you see.

Given that it takes about 300 milliseconds to blink your eyes, there is also this: MIT neuroscientists find the brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds.

21 thoughts on “Chimps Beat Humans: I Can’t Believe There Isn’t More Wonderment About This

  1. Omg, that is truly amazing! Truly love the various looks of disgust and exasperation on his face… Everything from “Darn it!” to “Oh geez, really?!”
    And I have always thought that Intelligent Man has never given animals enough credit for their intelligence.


  2. It’s impressive, but I need to know more about the processes. How often is he tested? Daily? The same patterns all the time, or do they change? I would like to see random pattern changes each time. I guess he’s not “counting” as much as remembering the patterns of the squares. It’s not surprising that chimps can remember patterns. They have to remember where to find food, where are the best trees, where is the water, how to follow trails, where are the dangerous areas to avoid, etc. I have so many questions before I can be really amazed. We see more and more how different animals appear to “think” and “feel” more than we thought previously, how they experience joy. So I’m not too surprised that primate species can do tasks that seem advanced. Am I underwhelmed?


    • Underwhelmed? No, I’d say you have a healthy questioning attitude. I thought I saw from the video that the patterns change, but I can you are saying that maybe there are only a few patterns and that the chimpanzee might learn them. ‘ll see if I can find out whether the experimenters change the patterns.


  3. Two thoughts. First, holy cow! I couldn’t do that! I play Lumosity games and I know I couldn’t. Second, it hurts my heart that they’re confined to a place made of metal instead of having a whole big jungle to wander in…


    • Yes, same here. In the back of my mind I go through the process: It’s unfair on the animal. It’s for science. Doesn’t change that it’s unfair on the animal. It’s just a few animals. So? It’s unfair on those animals and if you were in their position you wouldn’t like it. How do you know, maybe they are having a big adventure, bigger and stranger than if they were in the wild? Yes, sure.


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