White Dead-nettle

white dead-nettle flower

White dead-nettle (Lamium album) has hairy, toothed leaves like all nettles I know of. It doesn’t sting, unlike other nettles.

The dead-nettle leaves in the photo are the small ones around the flower. The big leaves in the photo are from a different plant.

If you were to carefully pull off one of the white flowers and suck gently on the tubular opening at the base of the flower, you’ll enjoy a puff of a sweet aromatic taste.

5 thoughts on “White Dead-nettle

    1. I am not sure about the comfrey leaves. They are a bit big and broad compared to the ones I used to grow in my vegetable garden to use as a compost activator. That was years ago when I was a member of the Henry Doubleday Research Association (named after a 19th Century Quaker smallholder who brought comfrey to Britain). I just googled it and it is now called Garden Organic.

      But there are varieties of comfrey, so it could be. I will look out for it when it flowers next year, and report back!

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  1. lol, if it weren’t already well after dark, I’d go and snip off a piece of Yellow Archangel to compare with the Comfrey growing beside the Glaze Shed… (I’ll try to remember to do that tomorrow)


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