I changed the theme of this site to Balasana. It was only after I chose and activated it that I saw that it is made by Automattic, the company that owns WordPress-dot-com.

Balasana is described as a clean and minimalist business theme designed with health and wellness-focused sites in mind.

Well, now it is going to serve me for this site.

I googled and found out that Balasana means Child’s Resting Pose, a kneeling pose in yoga. You kneel on the floor, put your head to the floor in front of you and hold your hands behind your heels. I am pretty sure I did this as a child.


I published issue #1 of my GetRevue newsletter. If you want to read it, it is here:

David’s Satisfying Newsletter #1

And if you want to sign up to get future issues, the link is at the top of the page here.

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