Chinese Lantern Fruit

Chinese lantern fruit

I forgot I had an account with Photobox. Or rather, I forgot I had any photos stored there. Photobox reminded me today. They wrote to tell me that because it was such a long time since I last logged in, I needed to do so or I would lose my photos.

What photos? It turns out I had four photos stored there. I can’t think how long it is since I last logged in – maybe ten years.

Among the photos is this one of the fruit inside a Winter cherry, otherwise known as a Chinese lantern, otherwise known as a Japanese lantern, otherwise known as a ground cherry.

I like Chinese lanterns. I like the shape and the red colour, and especially the way the sides of the lantern disintegrate in the late summer and autumn, leaving a delicate filigree.

physalis with fruit inside

Now I have to look for one, buy it, and watch it dry out and the filigree appear.

Meanwhile, here is a Wikipedia image – although I have never seen a Chinese lantern so well preserved.

The image is creative commons subject to attributing the author who is thought to be User:TeunSpaans


  1. Tamara says:

    Very striking photos, David!

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  2. Ground Cherries are amazingly prolific, self-seeding, keep for months and taste incredible! And, although we had a patch of Chinese Lantern when I was a kid, I don’t think anyone ever ate them, but they always had Pride of Place in the dried bouquet my mother assembled every Autumn: )
    Your Ground Cherry immediately set my mouth to watering; )


    1. That’s a nice memory.

      I have tasted them and may have tasted the very one I photographed. From memory they tasted sweet, maybe piquant.

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      1. Thanks for triggering that memory David!: )
        Yes, a lot of the flavour profile depends on their state of ripeness… My preference is rather Goldilocks-ish (not too ripe, and not too tart, but somewhere in the middle; )

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