Things that made me laugh, with a bitter taste in my mouth

More than a third of the population of England died during the outbreaks of the Black Death in England In the 1300s. Here is part of a contemporary report:

Then the bishop of Lincoln sent notice throughout his whole diocese giving general power to all priests, both regulars and seculars, to hear confessions and give absolution with full episcopal authority to all persons, except only in case of debt. In such a case, the debtor was to pay the debt, if he were able, while he lived, or others were to be appointed to do so from his goods after his death. In the same way the Pope gave plenary remission of all sins (once only) to all receiving absolution at the point of death, and granted that this power should last until Easter next following, and that every one might choose his own confessor at will.


  1. Richard Parkin says:

    ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ — as the population went down wages went up. Make of this what you will 😉


    1. Yes, but only a silver lining for some, and not for the villeins who were at the bottom of the pile and only one step up from slaves. Squeezed by prices and envious of their freeman neighbours, they had all the bad luck. No wonder they revolted.


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