What Is There About Phones

people on a bench at the Tate Britain in London -  all on their phones - modern life

A couple of minutes after I took this and wandered off to look at something or other, I came back. The scene was much the same except there was an older woman on the other side of the bench and a space next to her. It could be the woman there at the back who had moved over.

I walked around and to my surprise, the woman was not on her phone. She was deep in thought. Disturbed, I sat down and hastily pulled my phone out of my pocket.


  1. reb says:

    A couple of years ago, we had three cruise ships in port, which always makes this little city really crowded. I was in the shopping mall uptown. In the big atrium there were perhaps a hundred young people sitting around … even on the floor, but it was strangely quiet — nobody said a word, as they were all hooked up to a device. The mall had free wifi …

    What’s become of us?! What’s so important … ?!


    1. I had the same experience in the States. In a cafe in the evening, just landed and went out for a coffee. A big space and everyone quiet.

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